Eye Screening

The project starts on 16 October,2023. Objective Part One: 1080 students to be screened and checked. Time 4 to 5 weeks. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will follow soon. This project is important as many students are taken out of school by the parents. As they make poor performance of the student plea to discontinue the studies. Cause of poor performance is never investigated. According to International reports students are taken off from school mostly in such cases, very early school days. Poor eye sight, malnutrition, poverty, large family are some of the main concerns.

This project of Karachi CMS Alumni is one of its kind (unique). Is expensive too. OUR ESTIMATED COST IS A- EQUIPMENT: Rs.800k. Operational cost (Phae One) Rs. 450K. Alumni support will be welcomed. WE HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED Rs 350K by Mahesh and AQM. To wards the operational cost of the project.

Equipment purchased and fixed iin CMS library Room, which will be used for Eye Screening and Vision Testing Room till End November,2023.

Eye Screening Photos

Eye Screening Videos