Welcome Kits 2021

WELCOME KITS : (09-26-2021)

Dear Alumni,
With great pleasure, I have to report that Welcome
Kits were distributed
yesterday to Classes One and Six. Thanks to the
following Alumni for encouraging the students by their presence:

  1. Mr. Sadiq Muhammad
  2. Ashraf Saheb
  3. Mr. Musheer Suri
  4. Mr. Asif Jah
  5. Mr. Jawaid Ahsan
    (Please correct omission of any names).

Thanks to the following contributors for their generosity:

  1. 135 kits matched by an Alumnus
    2.   30 (US$ 300) by Mahesh Passa
    3.   10 (PKR 15000) by Tabassum Mir
    4.   10 (US$ 100) by Zainul Abedin
    5.   20 (US$ 200) by Khalid Bukhari
    6.   10 (US$ 100) by Mohammad Rafiq
    7.   75 (US$ 750) by Meraj Nazar
    8.   10 (US$ 100) by Noorbano Karim
              Total: 300 kits
    Pledges:  Special thanks to the following alumni for agreeing to keep their contributions as reserve fund for future use:
  2. Zubair Tufail: PKR 50,000
  3. Fazlul Haque Syed: US$ 100

I’ll be amiss not to recognize Jawaid Ahsan in Karachi, for his timely efforts and coordination with School Principal, Mr. Bughio, and Vendor to make it all happen.
Iqbal Molvi ’65

PS: Please feel free to contact me with your comments and recommendations. We’ll get in touch with you for next year’s Welcome Kits, God willing……stay tuned.