CMS Alumni Scouting of 60’s & 70’s by S Meraj Nazar

CMS history includes a bright period on Scouting in the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s. School had an excellent Boy Scouts Troop whose members represented Pakistan in International Jamborees, and regularly attended National and Provincial Events.

The School was fortunate to have Mr. S. Sunderdas as the Principal, from 1947 to 1965, and the Scout Troop had the privilege to have Principal Sunderdas as the Sponsor-in-Chief of the Scouting activities. Mr. Sunderdas was enthusiastic about the scouts’ group and was always willing to help morally, as well as financially.He was also inducted as a member of the scout group and wore the scout uniform!

Here are a few scout leaders / masters / sponsors who were part of this era:

  • Muhammad Jameel – Senior Scout Master
  • Mukhtar Ahmad – Scout Master who made a great contribution at the school and the Provincial Level
  • Shaikh Chand- a great supporter who accompanied the troop on many camp trips
  • Mr. Gill
  • Rehmat Masih – Cub Master
  • Amir Ali – was known as the “Quarter-Master”
  • S Meraj Nazar, also Rover Leader
  • A Qadir Molvi, who was also a Rover leader
  • Shahab Danish
  • Aslam Merchant

Some examples of these events are:

  • World Jamboree in Iran, 1958, attended by S Meraj Nazar
  • World Jamboree in Iran, 1960, attended by Abdul Qadir Molvi
  • World Jamboree in Greece, 1963, attended by Waseem Akhtar and Parwaiz Karamat
  • Karachi Camporees…1950’s, where the CMS scout group top honors in Camping, Signaling, Fancy Dress and others
  • Quaid-e-Azam Centennial Jamboree 1976, Lahore, attended by Aslam Merchant and others
  • Sind Scout Camporee 1975, attended by Aslam Merchant and others
  • Silver Jubilee National Jamboree, Islamabad 1973, attended by Aslam Merchant and others

There were a number of scouts who contributed to the organization in becoming a highly acclaimed group in Karachi. Other scout names from the early era include Shahab Danish, Iqbal Molvi, Anwar Saeed (“Pola”), Mubeen Ahmad, Zameer Ahmad, Farooq Raja, Siraj Karatela, Qasim Choksi, Tabassum Javaid, and many others. Musheer Suri, a prominent CMS student, was member of the Air Scouts at the provincial level.

Other prominent scouts from the early 70’s were Aslam Merchant, Altaf Padela, Muhammad Saleem Ibrahim and others.

School was also active in the Scouts Provincial Organization where members of the CMS scout group, like Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Mr. Meraj Nazar, and Mr. Abdul Qadir Molvi held voluntary positions.

Other achievements included:

  • Qualifying for the “Wood-Badges,” the highest award for scout organizers. For example, S Meraj Nazar, A Qadir Molvi and Mahesh Passa
  • Attending “Training-the-Team” course, by S Meraj Nazar in 1968, in Gilwell Park, London, England. The course prepares attendees to qualify as instructors for imparting the “Wood Badge” training to others.

Sindh Boy’s Scouts Association 1926

11TH World Jamboree, Athens Greece 1963

Scouts of 70’s