Jamil Hameedi Khan

Class of 1963

Jamil Hameedi Khan has had an enterprising career and is the Founder & CEO of the Total Shipping LLC in Dubai since 2013. He had moved to Dubai in 1975, and prior to founding his own company, had a long career in the shipping business working for major companies, including Sea Land & Merzario, a global shipping leader. He worked in sales and grew to be a sales executive and Division Manager. Jamil was always interested in photography and his initial business enterprises in Pakistan had leveraged that interest when he worked as a press photographer for major media outlets. He also owned and operated a photo studio for many years. Jamil is a CMS Alumnus, has a BA degree and a diploma in photography from a London Institute. He was an active member and leader of the Boy Scout troop. He had the honor of earning the Quaid-e-Azam badge and was a keen participant in all scouting events.

Jamil plans to retire in Toronto, Canada.