My Profile & School Days – Ashraf Savani

I joined CMS School in class one in1953 and had 10 years of learning and enjoyable period when I passed the matriculation exam 1963.

Sir Sunder Das was the Principal and Sir Benjamin was the Vice Principal.

Besides getting a quality education, I was very active in scouting activities, which undoubtedly created discipline, confidence and broadened my vision. We had several campfires, camporees and jamborees in various cities of Pakistan and the highlight was a tour from Karachi to Peshawar in1961 with a scouts group under the able leadership of Mr. Meraj Nazar. I remember the extensive tour of about 21 days was arranged with a total cost of Rs.100/-. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

My deep interest and enthusiasm in scouting led me to the level of Troop Leader with Quaid-e- Azam Badge which was the highest qualification at the time. I will not do justice it if I do not mention our beloved Majeed Bhai (Cholay wala). For decades Majeed bhai brought every day fresh and very tasty cholay. We used to fondly buy Choley at the cost of one ana (0.625 of a rupee) and we had so many conversations and memories with friends. Majeed Bhai was a famous personality within and outside of CMS School. I am sure many of our Alumni will remember him.

During my childhood, CMS school was a beautiful school. During my adulthood, I visited CMS school a few times and I had tears in my eyes. the beloved school was unfortunately in pathetic condition. The classroom doors and desks were broken. The school compound was dirty and abandoned. It was really heart breaking.

My most recent visit to the school in February, 2023 was such an amazing positive difference and and what a change, thanks to Meraj Nazar, Qadir Molvi and the CMS Alumni. I was not aware of the alumni fraternity until my old friend from our School, Mohamed Iqbal (ARY television channel) recently informed me about the CMS Alumni group. I was very excited and Iqbal connected me with Abdul Qadir Molvi. I called him and he invited me to visit CMS School. During my visit to Karachi in February, 2023, I was happily surprised to see that our School is back to its Glory. My heartfelt thanks to all organizers and donors. They have done fantastic work and are still doing it wholeheartedly. Besides many supporters, Meraj Nazr, Abdul Qadir Molvi, Jamil Hamidi, Waseem Akhtar, Mahesh and Iqbal Molvi are from the same era when we were together in the Scouts group.